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So you don’t like the word “senior”…

As a Baby Boomer myself, I know first-hand that it’s impossible to capture the diversity of people aged 50-plus with the label “senior.” Half the members of CARP, the Canadian Association of Retired Persons, aren’t even retired!

Whether you’re a “junior senior” like me or prefer to think of yourself as an older adult, golden ager, silver fox, keenager, seasoned citizen or member of the sage brigade, every passing year brings with it some sort of change. In some ways, life gets better. In other ways it gets a bit (or a lot) more challenging.

Maybe you’re a member of the sandwich generation, with teenagers or young adults living at home and aging parents to care for. Or maybe the care needs are your own—you’ve suffered some physical setbacks that are making you realize that business-as-usual isn’t realistic anymore.

In my mind, the Girl Guides got it right with their motto.

Be prepared

It’s better to think ahead and make decisions for ourselves while we’re still capable, physically strong and able to enjoy the positive aspects of new living arrangements, like retirement homes or retirement villages rather than waiting for time and circumstance to make decisions for us…on an accelerated time-table.

The pages under the “Seniors” tab of my website will provide you with the information, tips and tools to stay active and independent as long as possible…and prepare for your needs down the road.

The most important message is that whatever dream you’re holding or challenge you’re facing, I’m here to help. Don’t be a stranger! Contact me and let’s start the conversation.


Why use a Seniors Real Estate Specialist?

The advantages of using a senior real estate specialist

Downsizing By Choice

Why and how to downsize your stuff and rightsize

Retirement Housing Options

The pros, cons and need-to-knows on every available housing option for older adults.

Money-Saving Programs

Government incentives for modifying your home so you (or an aging parent) can continue to live independently.

Useful Resources

The local, provincial and national organizations that provide info and services to older adults.

Downsizing by Choice

“The most effective way to cope with change is to help create it.”


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