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Move in with family

Erma Bombeck put it best: family ties both bind…and gag. Sometimes it’s expected that you’ll move in with family members when it’s time to leave your home. In other cases a relative may offer—and you wonder if it’s the right move.

PROS: It can be a real gift to spend more time with your family, and it may be an opportunity to really get to know younger members of the clan. With a few modifications, it will likely be a safe environment. And it’s certainly an affordable option.

CONS: If you’re sharing space with a busy family—particularly one with younger kids or teens—your environment may not be the most peaceful. Some older adults feel like a burden when they move in with family. Others may feel disrespected or ignored. Moving in with your kids, in particular, is a role reversal that can be quite stressful for everyone.

NEED TO KNOWS: These arrangements definitely work best when no one has to sacrifice their independence. If the family member you’re thinking of moving in with doesn’t already have a “granny flat” or in-law suite, forgivable loans are available from the government to create a safe independent living space for seniors. Loans are also available for minor renos to increase a home’s accessibility and safety for older adults. Remember to keep the lines of communication open—discuss everything from how much time you’ll be spending together to the details of daily routines. Be clear about your needs and constructive in suggestions about how best you can meet them together.

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